About us

As inhabitants of the il bel paese (the beautiful country), Italy has been our home for long. 

From its snow-capped mountains to the beautiful valleys and grassy plains to expansive shores – the country is known for its paradoxical nature. 

Yet that is what intrigued us and drew us to the country we now call home.


Entering the Field 

The story of Italia Properties began in 1963, when we entered the industry as a small enterprise hoping to revolutionize the market of luxury estates by our construction and renovation services. 

By the 1980s, we had stepped into national works by construction of residential buildings, luxury hotels, and futuristic properties. 

Offering premium quality construction from the first brick until the very last – each project was fulfilled with utmost expertise and vigilance. 

However, while we had made the creation of such properties an easy and bespoke affair, we soon realized there was something missing. 


Our customers, our clients, our investors, and the people hoping to reside in these gorgeous buildings. 


Placing You at the Heart of it All

While we undertook construction, it seemed the end consumer – you – faced difficulties in getting the estate of your dreams. 

From juridical restrictions to tax formalities, insurance worries to third party claims, there was a lot proving to be a hindrance for you to achieve the home of your dreams. 

As a result – Italia Properties chose to enter the Real Estate business, as a guide to potential buyers of Italian properties, and a friend to those confused by the estate rules.  

Boasting a catalogue of diverse properties, we specifically deal with housing in Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Sardinia. In short – the regions that make Italy the shining star it is on the globe. 


Italia Properties; Creating Homes 

The purchase of a home is no less than a realization of a dream. A dream all of us have, yet only a few achieve. 

A house is a mighty investment, and we believe buying the right house, or a property one can truly call home, is everybody’s right. Thus, we aim to be of assistance in bringing the customer to the house and vice versa. 

With experience of being in the construction industry for more than 40 years, we can immediately sense what a client desires, and show them the property that immediately clicks!

To facilitate the process, there are expert professionals providing help on each step of the way. From architects to business consultants to experts in the international property law – every confusion, every dilemma, every worry of our client is taken care of from the get-go. 


Home Sweet Home Awaits! 

From lavish apartments to royal villas, our catalogue of properties in Italy is unmatched.  

You need only place a finger on the region that feels like home, and we will make it happen. 

Whether you wish for a home amidst the gorgeous blue waters of Venice or hope to live a life of glitz and glamor in the fashion capital of the world, Milan – the whole of Italy is your oyster, and we at Italia Properties, your facilitator. 

Trust us with buying real estate in Italy, and open your door to home, sweet home. 


Made In Italy 

From its unique kicking-boot like shape in the world map to its wonderful heritage – there is something truly distinct about Italy that makes it stand tall among all. 

From the historical architecture to cultural designs, everything appears out of the ordinary, everything appears mesmerizing – everything appears Italian!

As creators of Italia Properties, we are proud to wear the badge of ‘Made in Italy’. 

Not just 3 words, ‘Made in Italy’ is a feeling, a sense of pride, and an achievement, that has continued from the post-World War II era and remains a sign of quality today. 


The Dawn of a New Era 

The history of ‘Made in Italy’, is just like the history of Italia Properties. 

We have been through ups and downs, walked through a variety of terrains, dealt with many people – and have emerged, as a true symbol of luxury and all things Italian. 

In the sixties, ‘Made in Italy’ was a way for other countries to label such products as undesirable by communities. But the Italians stood their ground, and eventually came back with a mighty force – turning the tables around as the label now became a symbol of excellence and unique craftsmanship throughout the world. 

We, at Italia Properties, have been through a similar past. From being in the construction business since the ‘80s and national projects soon after – we finally stepped into the field that felt our own; Real Estate. 

To promote Italian heritage for the world to see and experience, we offer Italian premises to own and rent; truly ‘Made in Italy’. 


Offerings for the World 

At Italia Properties, there is no discrimination in clients. We hope to spread the love and quality of Italy all over the globe. 

Therefore, we offer assistance in real estate purchase for all those who believe in the splendor of Italy, and in all things this beautiful country has to offer. 

From property purchase right until the interior design and later – everything is undertaken by specialists at Italia Properties. 


Choose between:

and much more.

Take your pick with the guarantee of a house that feels like a home, from day one. 


Embracing ‘Made in Italy’

For many, Italy today is a representation of true class and a lavish lifestyle. With its differing landmarks, numerous terrains, and a hospitable culture – there is certainly no place like Italy. 

As the country strives towards its desire for excellence, we at Italia Properties follow in the same footsteps. 

Offering you nothing but the best, our purpose is to share ‘Made in Italy’ with the world and give everybody the opportunity to a luxurious lifestyle that they deserve.

At Italia Properties, we combine comfort and style to give you a blend unlike any other. With properties more like artworks, each building is a canvas - completely breathtaking, with a tradition to uphold and a story to tell.

If you want your story to reach the world through luxury homes and Italian vibes, embrace ‘Made in Italy’, and reach out to Italia Properties.  



A house is a construction of bricks and blocks. 

Yet, a home is something very different.

In the words of the famous American Interior Designer Nate Berkus:

Your Home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.

Thus, a home is much more. From structure to form, each brick to the interiors within, a home speaks of its inhabitants, and resonates its unique functionalities from as soon as you set foot. 

At Italia Properties, we don’t just build houses – we create homes. 


Taking Over Your Interior Needs 

Courtesy of Italia Properties’ real estate works, you have the option to purchase properties in the Italian city of your choosing; especially Sardinia, Florence, Venice, and Milan. 

Yet, what do you do once you have found the premises of an abode you want to call your home? 

Get furnishing! 

Simply a house of brick and mortar is not enough to get you going, it needs an impeccable and homey interior design and we at Italia Properties are here to assist you with just that. 

With our in-house décor experts, every element of your house will be designed in the way you have envisioned. 

From the wallpaper on the walls, to the flooring – choose everything as per your wishes. 

We give you the latest and luxurious features of interior design including:

and more! 

Our experts will make sure you are surrounded by the epitome of luxury and comfort and are truly able to experience the Italian way of life. 


Including You Every Step of the Way 

While our experts take over the interior designing front, we remain constantly in touch with our clients. 

For us at Italia Properties, clients are the boss, and their dreams – our aim. 

Therefore, we are available for assistance at every step of the way. From the deed of purchase and legal regulations, to the purchase of the home and its furnishing afterwards. 

We understand that the setting up of a home is a mighty investment, and thus the client needs to be a part of the process in each phase. 

We offer 3D/4D rendering service. This means models of the house are up for display long before the work begins. These models will include floor plans, elevations, furnishings, and can be in as much detail as the client desires. Our clients do not need to visualize blurry images of how their house and its interiors will turn out. Instead, equipped with today’s technology – our team at Italia Properties will show them exactly what they are in for.

In addition, multimedia presentations, photographs, and videos of each phase – from design until delivery – will be made available to the client, because your satisfaction, is our aim. 


Personalization for a Home that Exclaims; You 

Having partnered with over 200 Italian furniture companies, Italia Properties stands as a real estate service that makes the process of turning a house into a home – as seamless and personalized as it can be. 

With us by your side, customize the look and feel of your home by opting for a bespoke design. 

At Italia Properties, the sky is the limit and Italian land your abode. 

Personalize to your heart’s content and don’t let us stop until you can finally call the piece of land, Your Home. 


Our goal is customer care
We accompany you in the search of your investment, with exclusive properties, all from the refined design "Made in Italy".