Italian Luxury Design

A house to live in the comfort of italian style
Italy Luxury Property is an interior design company based in Milan (Italy). The company specialises in luxurious residential buildings, only made in Italy. It carefully plans and realises elegant and functional interior design works, selecting only high-quality and high-technology material and collaborating only with highly specialised professionals. In this way, we are able to guarantee innovative solutions that can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

We provide a full partnership assistance, which guarantees a wide range of crucial services such as 3D/4D rendering service, multimedia projects' presentations, and correlated photos and videos of every working phase (from the design to the delivery). All of this, always purely reflecting the Italian concepts of luxury and elegance.

Our decor experts will ensure that every element in your house - such as the art, wood, mosaics, flooring, and upholstery - will provide a vivid, exclusive, customised touch. We promise that we can provide you with the style that most suits your preferences and needs. You will be surrounded by the most eccentric luxury, for a house to live in the comfort of the Italian style! 
Our history
A house to live in the comfort of the Italian style
Italy Luxury Property has been operating for more than fifty years in the Italian market of construction and renovation of luxurious properties. Its story begins in 1963, when, as a small owner-operated company, it entered the industry by specialising in the construction and renovation of residential buildings.  

The company’s target is to commercialise prestigious buildings from our substantial catalogue of properties located in Italy (in particular in Sardinia, Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice).

Our objective is to make sure that the client does not need to worry about economic, juridical, or tax formalities; and that he does not need to turn to external third parties for actions such as the bill of sale, certifications or insurances. In fact, the professionals who work together with our company (e.g. lawyers, architects, business consultants, and experts in international law) will support the buyer during every phase of the purchase, guaranteeing the purchase of prestigious villas, without any worry. 

Style Made in Italy
Your home should tell your story and be a collection of what you love

A house to live in the comfort of the Italian style

In the field of Luxury Design, the company designs and decorates, on behalf of third parties, prestigious buildings in Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and United States. Thanks to our highly qualified team, we distinguish ourselves from other companies by the impeccable technical and after sales service given to our customers. 

To this day, the company is able to design and renovate houses in typical Italian style with cutting-edge systems and a minimised timeframe. All of this is possible as a result of both the experience acquired throughout the years, and a qualified “Research and Development Office”, supported by an integrated competent team assisted by certified partners. 

In addition to our work, we take the time to customise the interiors of our customers' homes based on their own preferences. In fact, our professionals/interior designers make sure to adapt the best solutions to personal tastes and needs, making sure that the customer receives a house that is environmental-friendly, thermic, high-tech, yet luxurious, comfortable, and customised in every detail.