Benefits Of Having a House Close To The Sea

Living close to the sea is a fantasy of all, isn’t it?

Turns out, living near the sea has a lot more to offer than just relaxing vibes from the sound of the sea, beautiful views, scenic drives and fun activities.

The Italian coast is beautiful and serene – yet that is not all. 

One thing that stands out most is the fact that you will surely feel more wholesome and fresh living in the vicinity of the sea.

This new lifestyle will bring about very positive changes in your mental as well as physical health.

Let’s have a look at all the good reasons for buying a house near the Italian coast that will outweigh all your doubts about this investment:

Releasing Mental Stress

Living near the sea is great for relieving work related stress. In fact, they are thought to be closely correlated; the closer you live to the sea, the greater the reduction of mental stress. 

A study also depicts hearing the sea can activate the brain’s prefrontal cortex. 

This side of the brain controls the reflection and emotion and is the reason behind the feelings of joy and wellbeing that we experience when wandering on the shore or residing near the sea.  


The Salted Air’s Positive Health Effects

The salted air that is breathed in near the sea, makes your lungs healthier and accelerates your respiratory system. People with asthma or other respiratory infections encounter reduced symptoms near the sea.


The Sun’s Beneficial Impact

Secondly, propinquity to the sea means a lot of Sun. This increases the  production of vitamin D in your body, improving your immune system as well as your bone health.

Furthermore, living near the sea helps control blood pressure. Being at sea levels leads to higher atmospheric pressure. This means that the amount of oxygen in the air is greater, promoting longer and healthier muscle and tissue life.


Better Access and Motivation for Exercise

Let’s not forget how the sea-side is an ideal place for cardiovascular exercises such as running and long walks that are very favorable to reactivate blood circulation and improve breathing capacity.

Whether you want to begin your mornings with yoga on the beach, or wish to end your day on the high note of sunsets by the sea – you can do that and a lot more when living near the sea.


Recreational Activities

When you live along the coast, you will have easier access to enjoyable activities such as sun bathing, surfing, swimming, sailing, fishing etc.

Let's not forget the delicious seafood. You can always grab a bite with your friends and family since it’ll be closer and fresher than the seafood you find further away from the sea.



Making a decision to buy an ideal home for your family in Italy is surely a tough one. But we make your job easier. 

If you want your house near the sea to benefit from a combo of good taste and stability, reach out to as at Italia Properties for better guidance and assistance.